Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Find a reliable, best quality and cheap web hosting service in less than 10 minutes! "

Looking for a cheap web hosting services to host your web site can seem like a daunting task especially when there are thousands of them out there to choose from. This web site aims to provide good web hosting guide to help you to find a high quality and affordable web hosting provider. Here, you may not necessary find the 'Best' web hosting providers, but at least you'll find honest, accurate and professional review on probably the best 5 web hosting services out there in the hosting market.

Most importantly, we don't just recommend any web hosting services without actually using it ourselves. In fact, we have websites hosted on all the top 5 web hosting services that we are recommending. So you have the first hand insider review from us on these best quality and cheap web hosting providers.

We believe in providing only the necessary information you need to make a smart and informed decision on selecting a web hosting company. We try our very best to make the reviews simple yet helpful and hope that what you will read will save you a lot of time, money and unnecessary hassles! Most importantly, you'll get to find your ideal choice of web site hosting provider.

You should also know that our web hosting ratings criteria are not solely based on price and features alone. The criteria to qualify into our Top 5 web hosting providers listing are also evaluated based on:

Number of years in the web hosting business
The reliability of the hosting infrastructure and the scale of their data center facilities
The pricing of the web site hosting plan (monthly and setup fee)
Key hosting features - disk space, bandwidth, server-side functionalities, e-Commerce ready, other free extra services such as free web design templates, Internet marketing and promotion.
Number of hosting awards and honors
The levels of customer supports
Number of hosting customers
The levels of customer satisfaction (testimonials)
To help you narrow the choices, we weeded out web page hosting providers that charged more than US$10 per month and do not offer any money-back guarantee. We also removed any web hosting service providers that do not provide 24/7 toll-free technical supports. Finally, all web hosting providers that qualify to our list must offer at least 1,000 GB of disk space and 1,000 GB of bandwidth. Only few low cost web hosting providers met our stringent requirements.

Below, you can read our unbiased reviews on the Top 5 best quality and cheap web hosting providers.

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